4 Transparency Regulation

ENTSO-E’s Transparency Platform (Art. 3, Regulation 543/2013) centralises data relating to the generation, transportation and consumption of electricity at the European level. The data are collected from data providers, including TSOs and other qualified third parties.

Depending on the users’ needs, these data can serve various purposes, such as market analysis, research or trading. The Platform is also instrumental for the monitoring and regulation of power markets. Start-ups and new players increasingly use the Platform’s wealth of data for delivering more value to customers, for example through shedding light on life-CO2 emissions by country, wind generation and more.

In 2020, ENTSO-E developed the TP for FSkar1 purposes, implementation of the changes stemming from the MoP revision 3.2 and TP architectural study in order to respond to the publication requirements of Art. 50.3 and 51.1 EB GL.

In the context of the amendments to the MoP revision 3.2, a snapshot of the most recent values of the offered capacity for explicit and implicit allocations have been published every 15 minutes on the TP. The full evolution of the offered capacity has also been made available. In 2020, ENTSO-E followed up on the outcomes of the public consultation conducted by ACER on inside information platform and inside information related thresholds.

The Terms and Conditions of the TP include the list of data provided by TSOs but also by Transmission Capacity ­Allocators, such as the Joint Allocation Office (JAO), which can be re-used by TP users without any restriction. The list was updated in October 2020.

1 As explained in the Introduction, FSkar stands for “Financial Settlement of frequency control error (KΔf), area control error (ACE) and ramping period”. The area control error is the sum of the power control error (‘ΔP’) – that is the real-time difference between the measured actual real time power interchange value (‘P’) and the control program (‘P0’) of a specific LFC area or LFC block – and the frequency control error (‘K*Δf’) – that is the product of the K-factor and the frequency deviation of that specific LFC area or LFC block, where the area control error equals ΔP+K*Δf.

Publicly and freely available data play an important role in bringing transparency into the market. The datasets provide an easy opportunity to transparently follow the share of generation technologies of the different geographical areas.


ENTSO-E Annual Report 2020

This Annual Report covers the period from January to December 2020. It focuses on the legal mandates given to ENTSO-E. The activities covered in this report were performed thanks to the 42 members of ENTSO-E who provide its financial resources and whose staff provides expertise to the Association.


  1. System Operation
  2. Market
  3. System Development
  4. Transparency Regulation
  5. Research, Development and Innovation
  6. Cybersecurity, Interoperability and Data
  7. TSO–DSO partnership and demand side flexibility
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